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Here are a few letters and pictures from some of our customers.
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Barbra - Davis, Ca. 7/17/2011
Wonderful, kind, and do a great job!  I took my elderly dog there for many years, and they gave him all kinds of special treatment.  He was a large dog, over 80 pounds with lots of hair, and not easy to groom, especially as he began to get arthritis.  He actually would get excited when I pulled up to the door, like he was visiting friends.  Once, when I came to pick him up, he was sitting on the floor as some of the groomers were taking a lunch break, just keeping them company.  They treated him like a king!  When he passed away, they sent me a sympathy card with a hand-written note.  I miss my dog terribly, but I also miss the wonderful people at Fur Friend-Z.
Neal D. - Davis, Ca. 4/21/2012
We tried several groomers before wandering upon Fur Friend-Z.  These folks are hands down the best.  They are out of the way for us, but totally worth the trip.
Candi M - Woodland, Ca. 3/1/2013
I have a very touchy poodle.  They have never had a problem with her and I suppose it is because they are very good at what they.  I would trust any groomer there, they all seem to love what they do and the animals seem so happy while there.  Love this place!
Jeanine H
Stephanie is the owner and she runs an outstanding class operation. We drive 30 miles to have our miniature Schnauzer groomed by her. She is genuinely kind and gentle with the animals she handles. I trust her explicitly! She groomed my sister's Sheltie and my sis commented it was the best job she has ever had done on a Sheltie and she has had them for over 25 years! You go Steph! We love you.
Fur Friend-Z offers both self serve and grooming, and are priced pretty reasonably. The self serve tubs are mounted fairly high so you don't have to stoop over to wash your dog. Its a good place to take your pet and leave the mess somewhere else.
Suzie Grant
Fur Friend-Z is the best pet groomer in the area. And, Stephanie and her staff are the greatest!!
Denise A. - June 24, 2010
 Awsome place to go!
This is a GREAT place!! We live in Davis but make the drive with our Yorkie and Shiztu to get the best hair cuts done. I love that they give you little progress reports on each dog on how they are doing with teeth, fleas, coat and other concerns you would need to know about. We love taking our dogs there and they love going!! Great job girls!!